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Family estate since 1905.

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Sands of miocene safres, red clay, limestone and granite gravels, and quartzite pebbles.

Traditional large foudre.

On the heights of « lieu-dit Clavin » and at the northern limit of  Chateauneuf du Pape, the estate was born

in the 17th century.


Today, this old vines vineyard’s of 20 hectares (50 acres),

in one single bloc, shares out between red Châteauneuf du Pape « les Trois Sources », red Châteauneuf du Pape «les Hauts-lieux» and red and white 

Côtes du Rhône «lieu-dit Clavin».


The north facing terroir of slopes * and its microclimate gives to this unique location a special ability, remaining very well adapted to the extreme current climatic conditions of the southern Rhône Valley and producing singular, harmonious

and balanced wines.

From generation to generation, terroirs are benefiting from the greatest respect and the vigneron, who remains attentive and sensitive, perpetuates the good practices and the « good sense of the farmer ».


All the traditional and original grape-varieties are selected, reproduced and planted using complantation (different kind of grape-varieties mixed in

the same plot).


Harvests entirely done by hands allow a first selection

in the vineyard and a second selection when the grapes (transported in small boxes), arrive at the winery.

The vinification continues to be traditional and the fermentation is natural, without any addition. The priceless natural yeasts located in the pruine (berry), reveals both singularity of each terroirs and single expression for each vintage.


Following a long and slow fermentation, wines are drained away in foudre (large oak barrels). Then, after 18 months aging, the bottling is done without

fining and filtering. 


All the wines are certified by Demeter ©

Sands of miocene safres, red clay and limestone.

 *« Since the Villafranchien, the erosion, like claws, devoured the terrace, dilacerated the miocene safres, teared the Cretaceous limestone and shaped the slopes, cascading down quietly, toward the city of Orange.


Because of this effect, the material from the old terrace (pebbles, gravels, sands, red clay) covered the Miocene safres, creating an incredible mosaic of «terroirs of slopes», various and subtle, that each winegrower planted with the better adapted grapes varieties. »


Georges Truc – Geologist



On the heights of « lieu-dit Clavin »,  sands and red clays covers Miocene safres. This is the early maturity part of the terroir of slopes, producing tender and seductive wines, with the full bodied character borrowed to the adjacent « les Trois Sources ».
Vineyard : 5,5 ha (13.6 acres)

Average age : 85 years old

Grapes : grenache noir, cinsault, syrah, mourvèdre, bourboulenc, clairette and 
white grenache.

 « It’s beautiful stuff and I’d wager one of the best Côtes Du Rhône out there » 

Jeb Dunnuck

« This bottling always punches way above it weight and can stand up to plenty of Chateauneufs in terms of power, complexity and ageworthiness » 

Josh Raynolds - Vinous

 « Possibly the greatest Cotes du Rhone I've ever tasted. » 

Robert Parker - Wine Advocate

« It appeals via its carry of floral rose, violet notes, and is way above the usual Cotes du Rhône by dint of character and local ID »

  John Livingstone-Learmonth

« The Côtes du Rhône Lieu-Dit Clavin comes from vines right around the estate and is always a sensational wine »

Jeb Dunnuck




Located on the northern, steeper and

cooler part of the « lieu-dit Clavin »

the white grapes get very comfortables in marlstone and limestone soils.

Vineyard : 1,5 ha (3.7 acres)

Average age : 65 years old

Grapes : clairette, white grenache, bourboulenc, marsanne,

roussane and viognier.

« Offers a clean, refreshing style in its citrus blossom, white peach and orange blossom »

Jeb Dunnuck

« This has mini Châteauneuf qualities. This is stylish, and I give it marks for character » 

John Livingstone-Learmonth

« Jean-Paul Daumen continues to fashion some of the top wines of the vintage, in just about every vintage. »

Robert Parker - Wine Advocate

« Closes vibrant and mineral-driven, with very good focus and length »

Josh Reynolds - Vinous

« Although went through full malolactic, it is still crisp, elegant and fruity »

Robert Parker – Wine Advocate


Les Trois Sources


Located on a mild terroir of slopes, between 

« lieu-dit Clavin » and «les Hauts-lieux», the grenache is perfectly at home there with this mosaic of safres's sands, pebbles and red clays, producing a perfect balance of

power and finesse.

Vineyard : 8,5 ha (21 acres).

Average age : 75 years old

Grapes : grenache, cinsault, syrah, counoise, mourvèdre, muscardin, terret noir, vaccarèse, white grenache, bourboulenc,

clairette and picardan.

« A rich, lush style, with a lovely tug of earth through the finish keeps this grounded »

James Molesworth  – Wine Spectator

« With a fresh, lifted and lively character, it has very fine tannins and piercing acidity, with the inky, concentrated juice leading to a long finish »

Matt Walls - Decanter

« Du grand Châteauneuf du Pape »

Jean Aubry – le Devoir

« This unbelievable  Chateauneuf du Pape les Trois Sources 2010 is one of the great wines of the vintage»

Robert Parker – Wine Advocate

« Another singular wine from Jean-Paul Daumen that tastes like the essence of

this stunning terroir »

 Jeb Dunnuck


Les Haut-Lieux


This is the highest elevation and the most sheltered part of the terroir of slopes. Marlstone soils and shallow safres covered with quartzite pebbles are entirely suitable for mourvedre. Under the tense tannins, wines are vigorous with huge elegance. 

Vineyard : 4,5 ha (1.1 acres)

Average age : 70 years old

Grapes : grenache, mourvèdre,

cinsault and counoise.

« At once vibrant and concentrated, the interplay of power and finesse here is really something »

Josh Raynolds - Vinous

« Delicious bramble fruit with a just-picked freshness. Very firm but fine, sandy tannic grip. Powerful and long-lived »

Richard Hemming -Jancis Robinson

« A total Rock Star »

Robert Parker - Wine Advocate

« Des vins qui ont une âme, une singularité, celle de la bienséance, de l'élégance, de la puissance dans l'équilibre. Tout simplement magnifique »

Yohan Castaing - Anthocyanes

« A true “wow” wine, extraordinarily concentrated, perfectly balanced, structured, and long, it's another sensational  wine from this estate » 

Jeb Dunnuck




How to explain what makes the « Réservé » so singular ... Very old vines, low yields and natural approach make the bases, but it's in the microclimate of the north facing terroir of slopes that it'll forge his character.

« Mid-August, when the vineyard is desert, I like walking in the vineyard of « les Trois Sources », receiving vines expressions, tasting berries. At this time, I must be receptive and I must appreciate all the details. Some years, depending the context of the vintage,

some vines show specifics expressions. Exclusively in this case,

these more hundred years old vines of Grenache (90%), Syrah, Cinsault and Counoise get marked and vinified separately,

producing the Réservé. »

Jean-Paul DAUMEN 

« Despite the density, this is remarkably refined, with graphite and chalky minerality deftly stitched throughout »

James Molesworth  – Wine Spectator

« My wine of the vintage is the 2017 Châteauneuf Du Pape Reserve, which is in the same league as the other greats from this estate »

Jeb Dunnuck

« One of the most singular and impressive wine made in the world »

Robert Parker - Wine Advocate

« Onctueux, profond, superbe structure tannique, finale très longue. Classe et profondeur »

Olivier Borneuf - Bettane & Desseauves

« Super-condensed fruit on the nose, really powerful and thick. Extraordinary density » 

Richard Hemming - Jancis Robinson





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